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Deploy your forces within the town of Rustport. Defined by its space-western style, the Rustport product line of terrain offers an incredibly immersive experience for your tabletop wargames. This is the first set of Rustport Terrain. 


The Rustport Collection includes:

  • Rustport Residence -  5in x 5 in x  4.5in
  • Rustport Commons - 7in x 7in x 5in
  • Rustport Workshop - 8in x 9.5in x 7in 
  • Rustport Radar Station - 6in x 7in x 8in
  • Rustport Market - 6.5in x 7in x 4.5in
  • Rustport Scatter Terrain 


Pieces do not come painted


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Rustport Collection Set 1

$108.00 Regular Price
$97.20Sale Price