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A Word from the Designer


One of my favorite aspects of Star Wars Legion is how thematic it feels to play. Growing up during the prequel era of movies, I've always been drawn to the clones. The thematic essence of Star Wars Legion shines through as I take charge of a small yet formidable army of clones, skillfully led by the versatile General Anakin Skywalker. Star Wars Legion has done an exceptional job of making the characters' abilities and the army's synergies feel incredibly thematic.


For several years now, I've been designing Star Wars-themed 3D-printed terrain. After reaching a point where I wanted to share my creations with others, I realized the need to offer something unique that sets my terrain apart from the rest on the market. As I brainstormed ideas, I circled back to the very reason I play the game: the immersive and thematic experience it offers.


Driven by this vision, I embarked on creating seven distinct buildings, each serving a specific purpose. Whether it's the Rustport Workshop with its large garage door or the Rustport Radar Station featuring a spinning radar panel and control center, every building's function is clearly expressed in its outward appearance. I aimed to design visually functional terrain pieces that have thematic impacts on the game.


This led to the development of the Tiny Army Terrain Thematic Terrain Rules. In battles, forces utilize their surroundings and resources to gain an advantage. It only makes sense for soldiers near a hospital to make use of any medical supplies they find or for those near an armory to utilize any available weapons. Surrounding buildings offer various bonuses to your armies that align with the building's function.


Just as we play with thematic armies, it's only fitting for our terrain to be equally thematic, both visually and functionally. The Thematic Terrain Rules are simple rules that add additional layers of strategy and twists to your Star Wars Legion games. It's time to elevate your terrain and Star Wars Legion experience with the Rustport Terrain Collection.

Check out the Tiny Army Terrain Thematic Terrain Rules Here!



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